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On 29/04/2024 Alexander Linnikov and Alexei Sereda successfully concluded the first semester of the unique authors’ course “Legal Architecture of International Financial Compliance” for the masters’ students of the Law Faculty of the Higher School of Economics. The purpose of the course is to familiarize young professionals with the latest trends of development of the compliance function and corporate governance in modern-day companies, functioning of the internal control units and anti-money laundering activity in financial institutions, as well as the latest and most complex practical matter in the business of financial institutions — sanctions’ compliance.


The course was developed by the L&P team with significant input from leading international experts in banking and finance and international trade — Chief Compliance Officer of AK Bars Bank Prof. Sergei Meshalkin, Ph.D. and Director of the European Institute for Export Compliance (Brussels) Dr. Carlo Giacoma.


The first edition of “Legal Architecture of International Financial Compliance” in English attracted 48 people, including international students from 12 countries.


Authors of the course express deep gratitude to Prof. Vladislav Starzhenetsky — Head of the HSE International Justice Research Laboratory, for the opportunity to take part in the creation and teaching of new advanced educational programs in law and contribute to the training of the new generation of legal professionals.
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