Leonid Karpov attended the Second Russian joint forum of the arbitration, mediation, and business communities

LEAD Consulting attorney-at-law  Leonid  Karpov on November 13, 2014 took part in the session of the Second Russian joint forum of the arbitration, mediation, and business communities “Alternative Dispute Resolution in Russia: Expectations and Perspectives” organized by the Russian Chamber of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs.
The forum centered on the discussion of development and improvement of the alternative dispute resolution mechanisms in Russia was attended by the members of the State Duma, justices of the Supreme Court of Russia, distinguished legal scholars, and representatives of prominent domestic and international law firms. One of the objectives of the forum was that to convey to the legislators the growing concern of the legal community that the premature reform of commercial arbitration in Russia may lead to its failure to comply with the generally recognized international standards, including the New York Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards on June 10, 1958. 
According to some of the practicing attorneys, in the future this may cause denials of recognition and enforcement of Russian arbitral awards in foreign states. According to the vast majority of members of the expert community, the current draft of the law on the commercial arbitration reform intends to burden commercial arbitration with alien features by means on introduction of the approval-based system of establishment of commercial arbitration courts and institution of additional controls and supervision, not only by the state courts, but also by the executive state authority – the Ministry of Justice of Russia. Some of the speakers at the forum went as far as to suggest that such novellas in the Russian legislations may be contrary to the very nature of the arbitration proceedings.
LEAD Consulting professionals, and Leonid Karpov in particular, possess extensive experience of representation of parties to commercial arbitration and participation in hearings of motions for recognition and enforcement of arbitral awards in the Russian state commercial courts and actively participate in the expert discussion of the alternative dispute resolution matters.
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