Leonid Karpov attended the Spanish-Russian Legal Forum

LEAD Consulting attorney Leonid Karpov on November 25, 2014 took part in the Spanish-Russian Legal Forum organized by the Trade and Economic Representative Office of Spain in Moscow.
The opening ceremony of the Forum that took place in the grand hall of the Servantes Institute in Moscow was attended by the representatives of the leading law firms of Spain and Russia. The participants of the event were greeted by the trade and economic counselor of the Spanish Embassy in Russia Mr. Melero, member of the international co-operation commission of the General Council of the Advocates of Spain Mr. Valverde, and the First vice-president of the Federal Attorneys’ Chamber of Russia Yuri Pilipenko.
The Forum featured a presentation of  Spanish law firms specialized, among other matters, in real estate, taxation, migration, and administrative law.
Leonid successfully used the Forum as a networking opportunity to make contact with the Spanish colleagues and explore the possibilities of co-operation in providing legal services to Spanish and Russian clients.
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