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On 20/11/2023 Leonid Karpov on behalf of the L&P team attended the regular meeting of members of the ITALIAN-RUSSIAN TRADE CHAMBER (IRTC), dedicated to the discussion of the current state of trade and economic relations between Russia and Italy. Informal meetings, hosted by the IRTC on a regular basis, allow Russian and Italian companies and entrepreneurs to get to know each other better, exchange experiences and practices, and establish new business ties.


Our firm traditionally does a great deal of work for Italian clients and represents several leading Italian industries and banks in Russia”, — says the leader of the Litigation & Commercial Arbitration practice Leonid Karpov: “We are grateful to the IRTC and personally to its President Ferdinando Pelazzo for great efforts committed to the promotion of trust and friendly communication between Italian and Russian business communities in Moscow and in other regions, especially in these times, difficult and challenging for international economic cooperation”.
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