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On 16/03/2023, Alexander Linnikov was unanimously elected as the new Chairman of the Governance Board of the Non-profit Partnership “National Payment Council” (NPC). Also, the new Board of Directors of the NPC was elected — it now consists of the Executive Vice-President of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs Alexander Murychev, Public Commissioner for the Protection of Rights of Entrepreneurs in the City of Moscow Tatiana Mineeva, Chief Compliance Officer of AK BARS BANK Sergey Meshalkin and Professor Alma Obaeva, who has worked as the Chairperson of the NPC for the past 10 years.


Despite all the current difficulties and challenges the financial sector in general and the national payment system in particular are experiencing, we are confident that new leadership of the NPC reinforced by such prominent professionals as Alexander Linnikov and Tatiana Mineeva will preserve vast expert potential of the Council, unite and expand its membership, form a broader agenda for the activities of the NPC and continue constructive dialogue between the participants of the payment services market, the industry regulators and representatives of the entire Russian and international business community”, — comments Alexander Vasilyevich Murychev, Chairman of the NPC Board of Directors.


The National Payment Council is an association of leaders of the Russian payment services sector and key actors of the National Payment System of Russia. The main goal of the NPC is to combine the efforts of all market participants to ensure stability, development and increase of efficiency of the institutional and infrastructural components of the national payment system; consolidate positions on the directions of development of the national payment system; accumulate expertise and promote best practices, as well as to develop and promote of advanced payment technologies in the Russian market.


LINNIKOV & PARTNERS plays an important role in the work of the NPC and advises its members on the basis of the Cooperation Agreement concluded in 2015. Over the years of fruitful cooperation, Alexander Linnikov and his team have established themselves as highly qualified professionals in the field of financial and banking law, deeply immersed in the specifics of the payment business and well aware of advanced Russian and international experience and best practices. Therefore, I welcome the election of Alexander to the position of Chairman of the Governance Board. I myself will continue to work in the NPC as a member of the Board of Directors”, — comments Alma Obaeva.


For many years, the NPC has been an authoritative expert platform for the discussion of the most pressing problems of the Russian payment system and development of practical proposals for improvement of the legal discipline and practices of the payments market and circulation of digital financial assets. NPC is not just a forum for business communication for participants of the Russian national payment system, but also a platform for constructive and fruitful dialogue between business and government.


I sincerely thank all members of the NPC, and personally Mr. Murychev and Professor Obaeva, for their trust. I am confident that together we will be able to preserve and multiply the Council’s long-term achievements for the cause of development of our country’s national payment system. Despite the current situation of international political tension, Russia cannot be completely isolated from the global financial system, and the Russian national payment system is and will be an important integral part of the global system of international settlements. Therefore, the role of the NPC as an expert community and advocate of interests of participants of the Russian payment market will only increase”, — says Alexander Linnikov.
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