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On the 30/08/2023 the lawyer Tatiana Tsepkina took part in a joint meeting of the working group on import substitution and investment and the working group on digitalization of The Commissioner for the Protection of the Rights of Entrepreneurs in Moscow, which was attended by the Business Ombudsman of the capital Tatiana Mineeva, representatives of relevant departments Governments Moscow, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, the legal and scientific community, digital technology specialists, as well as participants in the ecosystem of the Commissioner.


Opening the meeting, Tatiana Mineeva noted that the metaverse is becoming an independent attractive investment object for both government and business, and therefore it is necessary to develop tools and support measures for the development of this area, which allows a real platform under the Government of Moscow.


The participants of the meeting discussed how business professionals are ready for virtual cooperation, the advantages of working meetings in a virtual environment compared to modern video conferencing platforms, the importance of trust among the participants of the metaverse, the need for legislative regulation at this stage. The audience was presented with presentation videos demonstrating domestic models of the metaverse of the educational campus, the industrial metaverse Sense Tower, which are aimed not at entertainment, but at education, business, communication, profit-making.


“The metaverse becomes an integral part of the present. In this connection, the participants of the virtual world, lawyers will soon face such legal conflicts as transactions in the digital space, intellectual property protection in virtual worlds, personal data protection in the digital world, cross-border data turnover, labour relations, taxes. I believe that the time has come for a dialogue with entrepreneurs on the legal regulation of this area, taking into account the specifics of the virtual world, to develop approaches that do not restrict, but contribute to the development of digital technologies,” – says Tatiana Tsepkina.
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